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Moxoene was a province of old Armenia, today in Van province, Turkey, as well as a feudal familial name c. 400–800, also known by the name Moghk or Mox, Moxq, Moxus, Moxos, Moks, Mukus, Miks, Mikus, sometimes Mekes, as Muksî or Muskî in Kurdish, today Bahçesaray in Turkish. The settlement was known in Roman times as Moxos, after the 8th century as Mokks or Moks, and after the 18th century as Mukus.

It was an ancient Armenian province, which was bounded on the south by a part of Assyria called Aruastan (Arowastan) by the Armenians. It was governed by Armenian princes. Their descendants still reigned there in the tenth century. The principality of Moxoene, along with Corduene and Zabdicene, is considered to be a Carduchian dynasty.