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What is Freefor?

Founded in 2011, Freefor specialises in free items with no catches. If you have something at home or at work you no longer need , you can offer it here, completely free of charge.  Similarly, if you need something you can ask for it here too. Everything offered on the Freefor website must be free – it’s a simple rule, and one we are all glad of in today’s economic climate.

The Growth of Freefor

Originally set up on Facebook, you can still find Freefor there. When Freefor was formed we had no idea how big a response we would receive. The idea began with one Freefor Facebook page covering Glasgow and Edinburgh and progressed to include pages dedicated to places all over the world. Having so many Facebook groups is not an easy task to do but it is possible! These range right around the world including The United Kingdom, Ireland, The United States Of America, Canada, Australia and Gibraltar – and are broken down into provinces, states, regions, cities and towns. Some areas are larger than others and some pages are so much busier than other areas but this can change if we all share the Freefor feeling. Most of these pages have been closed down so we can concentrate on helping people the majority of people.

The Freefor Idea!

How Freefor works is simple: Freefor was started when I had some things I no longer needed. It seemed wasteful to simply bin these items as they still had a great deal of life in them and were definitely not ready for the scrap heap yet. I considered my options – I could sell the items, I could give them to a charity or I could give them away free.  I didn’t like the idea of selling these items as I had not paid for them and would therefore have felt guilty at making a profit from someone elses generosity. I did call a couple of charity shops and they said I would need to deliver them to their depots but their schedule did not match mine. So Freefor was born! I set up the Freefor pages and before long people were coming to offer their services, or to search for something they were looking for. I did feel restricted on Facebook, however, and decided to build this site to further extend the good work of Freefor.

Freefor Events

Freefor is for the people and run by the people. We at Freefor always like to have fun and enjoy ourselves.  We held a Freefor Fun Day which took place in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow on the 9th June 2012. We managed to feed everyone who came along on the day and entertain them all free of charge. Donations were given by whoever wanted to give, we managed to raise just over £300 for various charities. We aim to do it all again in the future and make it an annual event but aim to make it even bigger and better.

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Please let as many friends know all about Freefor, the difference is we don’t charge commission like all the other pages out there and don’t buy or sell so even if you are stuck for cash you can always get a bargain here