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Lipetsk Oblast is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast) which was formed on January 6, 1954. Its administrative center is the city of Lipetsk. Population: 1,173,513 (2010 Census).

Lipetsk Oblast borders with Ryazan Oblast (NE), Tambov Oblast (E), Voronezh Oblast (S), Kursk Oblast (SW), Oryol Oblast (W), and Tula Oblast (NW).

According to archaeologists and historians, the territory in which for the time being is the Lipetsk Oblast was inhabited since ancient times. Even before the arrival of the Mongol-Tatar troops here were of Elec, Dobrinskaya (now the village of Good) Oaklet (now the village Oaks) (Dankovsky District), Old fort (Bogorodskoye Dankovsky district) Vorgol (destroyed), Onuza (destroyed), Voronozh (destroyed ), Lipetsk (destroyed) and others. During the Mongol invasion of Rus', many fortified cities had been destroyed.